Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture is a method of pulling together growers with consumers, both sharing the risks and benefits of food production.  The subscribers pay an up front cost at the beginning of the growing season, resulting in a weekly distribution of vegetables and fruit.  Many growers have options for additional herbs or flowers in addition to the weekly box of food.  CSA is a positive method for supporting local growers, with the consumers having a direct relationship with the grower.

Abundant Life Organic Farms:  970-985-8842
Bella Farm:  970-527-5703
Borden Farms, LLC:  970-874-5383
Craig Crest Farm:  970-856-6783
Ela Family Farms:  970-872-3488
Excelsior Orchard:  970-527-6860
Fire Mountain Farm & Apiary:  970-527-4499
High Wire Ranch:  970-835-7600
Mattice’s Fruits & Vegetables, Beef & Pork:  970-872-7359
Mesa Wind Farm:  970-250-4788
Round Earth Farm & Turkey Hill CSA:  970-872-4413
Small Potatoes Farm:  970-527-4051
Stinky Blooms Flower Farm/Field Florals:  970-527-4541
The Living Farm:  970-527-3305
Thistle Whistle Farm:  970-872-4959
White Buffalo Farm, Inc.:   970-527-3041
Wild Wood Ranch:  970-527-3288
Zephyros Farm & Garden:  970-527-3636

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